Gallery Hanging System

Top rails


Technical Information

The Gallery Hanging System is the most elegant of all the picture hanging systems. At 16mm high it is very discreet and like the other Locator systems, is still very strong. Putting up the rail is easy with the specially developed all-in-one clipscrew, (fixings included).

This top rail is aluminium and is made in 2m & 3m lengths.

The standard finishes are gloss white and anodised aluminium. Clipscrews and masonry plugs are supplied at the rate of three per 1m.

The endcaps are colour matched, in white or in pale grey.

All prices are in AU$ and include GST.

lowm_with_endcap_copy LOWM2 Gallery Hanging System top rail, 2m, white, inc. standard fixings $26.50
losm3 LOSM2 Gallery Hanging System top rail, 2m, silver, inc. standard fixings $26.50
LOWM3 Gallery Hanging System top rail, 3m, white, inc. standard fixings $39.75
LOSM3 Gallery Hanging System top rail, 3m, silver, inc. standard fixings $39.75

Rail accessories

LCM Locator top rail connector $3.20
LEWM 2 endcaps or 1 corner connector, white, for LOWM $3.60
LESM 2 endcaps or 1 corner connector, silver, for LOSM $3.60
LSE kit Locator end stop kit for use on angled rail pack of 10, inc. key $20.00


Standard hangers slide in from one end of the rail, only the cable is visible.
‘Cobra’ hangers can be inserted anywhere along the rail.
All hangers can be fitted with crystal clear 2mm nylon or 1.8mm stainless steel cable and made to any length required

LN15 Locator standard hanger, 1.5m, nylon $6.10
LS15 Locator standard hanger, 1.5m, steel $7.10
LNC15 Locator ‘Cobra’ hanger, 1.5m, nylon $7.40
LSC15 Locator ‘Cobra’ hanger, 1.5m, steel $9.50


HM Self locking mini hook for nylon hanger, 4kg each $2.80
HZ Self locking hook for nylon (10kg each) or for stainless steel hangers (15kg each) $7.60
HP Basic security hook for nylon or stainless steel hangers, 10kg $8.50
HT High tech self locking hook for stainless steel hanger, 30kg each $12.80