Picture Hanging Systems

Gallery Hanging System

Brand new, the gallery hanging system is the smallest picture rail on the market, measuring just 16mm high and 9mm deep. Designed for a descreet, unobtrusive look, the rail fits neatly underneath cornice blending in to it’s surroundings.

The system incorporates the same size hanger channel as the Locator Extra system, therefore, Locator hangers can easily interchange between the systems if need be.

Don’t be deceived, the rail may be small but it is as strong as the other Locator system and Cliprail systems. (25kg per lineal metre).

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Picture Hanging System

The Avanti Picture Hanging System is unique to us, has a modern ‘designer’ look and is extremely versatile. It works on the wall, recessed into the wall, on the top edge of a partition or panel, on the ceiling, even in a floor to ceiling configuration! It takes either stainless steel cable or clear nylon hangers, with a range of hooks to choose from.

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