ArtPerfect Fine Art Storage

You’re in Safe Hands with the ArtPerfect Fine Art storage

ArtPerfect is one of Melbourne’s boutique providers of fine art storage. With 15 years of experience in art installation and storage, we offer a personal touch and professional service while working with leading galleries and avid art collectors across Australia.

Our Fine Art Storage service is designed to ensure peace of mind for all our clientele. Our privately-owned storage facility offers complete privacy and security to store all your precious artwork.

Art is known to have a high sentimental value to many. It’s for this reason that regardless of monetary value, ArtPerfect looks to deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every one of our projects, to ensure all your precious and sentimental artwork is well protected for the future.

ArtPerfect Fine Art Storage Services

Our Fine Art Storage Service offers several features:

  • 24/7 Security System
  • Restricted Access and Entry
  • Close Monitoring of Inventory

Our art installation and storage specialists are also more than happy to discuss with you any specific requirements related to your art storage. At ArtPerfect we’re here to ensure a completely tailored and hassle-free storage solution for your artwork.