ArtPerfect Art Hanging

Trust the hanging of your art to the professionals

Art Hanging Brisbane

Art hanging can be a daunting task whether at a gallery, a small business or even at home. At ArtPerfect our experienced art installation experts make sure that your artwork is hung perfectly with no damage to the piece or any of its surroundings.

Throughout the process our installation experts use specialised equipment and tools to ensure that both your art and any framework is kept in pristine condition. We also work ‘hand in hand’ with our clients to make sure that all artwork we hang is displayed in the correct and proper fashion.

Depending on a client’s personal circumstances and needs, ArtPerfect also offers bespoke art/picture hanging solutions such as Gallery Hanging Systems. These systems utilise fixed rails alongside various hooks and hangers to expertly display and position your artwork. Maximising the impact of your art on your desired audience.

Art hanging isn’t a simple job. Don’t risk damage to you, others or your art, contact the professionals at ArtPerfect today.